Be part of something so big it’s BIBLICAL

We all know the story of Jesus from his condemnation to death on the cross. Through a generous, committed and prepared team of individuals, this story is truly delivered and proclaimed in a way that reveals the message of just how much God loves his people. Those who assist with The Way of the Cross are not required to hold any beliefs, profess any faith or belong to any particular faith tradition. All that’s required is commitment, a willingness to serve and an openness to allowing people to be touched through this great event.

Help out as a re-enactor

For each year’s Way of the Cross, roughly 40 youth and young adults are needed to help fulfill the various roles. Anyone who is Grade 8 or beyond are welcome to join.

Help out behind the scenes

A lot of help is also needed behind the scenes to ensure that The Way of the Cross a moving experience for all who participate. Truck drivers, parade marshals, readers, tailors, makeup artists and the fulfillment of many other roles behind the scenes of The Way of the Cross are needed every year.

Get lots of community service hours!

There is potential for re-enactors to earn many, as many as 20, of the community service hours required for graduation.

No special skills or talents required!

There’s a role for everyone. Those more comfortable, experienced, or gifted in acting may be invited to take on the more more challenging roles such as Jesus, Pontius Pilot or Mary. Others may wish to try taking on the role of Veronica, Simeon or High Priest. Still others may desire to help out as one who is part of a group such as a Women of Jerusalem or a soldier. Only two roles have speaking parts and enough practice is offered to ensure that all who help out as a re-enactor are confidant in their role.

Rehearsals include food!

Rehearsals are held weekly at St. Alphonsus church (1066 Western Ave.) on Friday afternoons after school (3:30pm) beginning on February 16th and ending sometime in Holy Week. There may be a couple of extra rehearsals for everyone during Holy Week as well as one or two additional Saturday morning rehearsals for those involved with raising the cross. Each rehearsal offers re-enactors a chance to get to know the rest of the team and to become more familiar and comfortable with the various roles. Weekly rehearsals are usually finished by 5:30pm. There’s always food at rehearsals!

Because they work as a team, it is necessary for re-enactors to be present for the majority of rehearsals. Even those who have previously participated as re-enactors should be present at rehearsals as the success of The Way of the Cross depends on the whole team to work together.

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Join Us!

Join Us!